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Experience the healing power of Ayurveda and Holistic Therapies


Wild Earth is grounded in the deep connection between people and the lands we inhabit, and believe in honoring the natural world that surrounds us, specifically here in the hills of Southeast Ohio, by integrating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the mindful use of the healing plants and sustainable resources found in our bioregion.


We offer a range of services that honor this connection, including personalized Ayurvedic consultations, Manual Lymph Drainage,Therapeutic Yoga, Ayurvedic Bodywork and Integrative Health Workshops. 

•Ayurvedic Consultations • Massage Therapy • 

• Ayurvedic Bodywork • Yoga • Lymphatic Therapy •


60 N. Mulberry St.,
historic downtown 
Logan, Ohio 

Jeannie Faulkner, M.S., M.Ed., LMT, Owner

Jeannie has been studying, teaching and practicing Ayurveda and Spa Therapies for over 18 years, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Ayurveda Practitioner and Panchkarma Therapist. She's traveled and studied with many teachers, but finds her home in the hills of Southeast Ohio. She loves sharing her knowledge of holistic and natural therapies with her community. 

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